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may contain
15000000000 bcStart of the Universe
4500000000 bcFormation of Planet Earth
4000000000 bcStart Life on Earth (disputed date)
2400000000 bc
to 2100000000 bc
Huronian Ice Age
800000000 bc
to 635000000 bc
Cryogenian Ice Age
450000000 bc
to 420000000 bc
Andean-Saharan Ice Age
360000000 bc
to 260000000 bc
Karoo Ice Age
2580000 bcCurrent Ice Age (Quaternary)
10000 bcWarm period in current ice age
8200 bc
to 4200 bc
Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age)
8000 bcApproximate date for the formation of the Haven waterway by flooding of the Daugleddau after the last ice age
6500 bcBritain cut off from mainland by rising sea level
4200 bc
to 2200 bc
Neolithic (New Stone Age)
4000 bcApproximate date for Coetan Arthur. A Neolithic burial chamber, St Davids Peninsular
3000 bcApproximate date for the building of Pentre Ifan- Carreg Samson and Kings Quoit
2200 bc
to 1500 bc
Bronze Age (no agreement on dates)
2100 bcApproximate date for Preseli Bluestones being taken from Pembrokeshire to Stonehenge
1500 bc
to 1000 bc
The Dark Ages (no agreement on dates)
850 bc
to 43 ad
Iron Age (no agreement on start date)
500 bcApproximate date for many of Pembrokeshires Celtic Settlements
300 bcApproximate date for the building of Castel Henllys hill fort
43 to 410Roman Occupation
410 to 1000Post Roman
850Viking Raids on Milford Haven start
878The Viking Hubba winters his fleet in Milford Haven
1000 to 1500Gothic Art (no agreement on dates)
1000 to 1500Medieval (Middle Ages) (no agreement on dates)
1096Welsh siege of Pembroke Castle fails
1100Approximate date for the building of a wooden castle at Cilgerran
1100St Davids Church in Hubberston was founded during the 1100s.
1115Norman Bishop installed at St Davids
1120Pope Callixtus II declares 2 pilgrimages to St Davids = 1 pilgrimage to Rome
1136Benedictine Monastery established on Caldey Island
1146Gerald of Wales born at Manorbier Castle
1170Adam de Roche founded the Benedictine priory called Hubberston Priory- in Lower Priory- Milford Haven
1180Dedication of the Thomas a Becket beacon chapel on the Rath- Milford Haven. (Fully restored in the 1930s)
1180Start of building work on St Davids Cathedral
1200Milford Haven area was referred to as Millfyth by historian George Owen during the 1200s
1223Cilgerran Castle captured by William Marshall (the Younger)(Earl of Pembroke) and rebuilt in its current layout
1260Prince Llewellyn ransacked Tenby
1280Start of building work for the current Carew Castle
1282 to 1307King Edward I of Wales
1307 to 1327King Edward II of England and Wales
1327 to 1377King Edward III of England and Wales
1348Black Death (The Plague strikes Hakin)
1358First Ship bring cargo into Porth Clais for the building of St Davids Cathedral
1377 to 1399King Richard II of England and Wales
1399 to 1413King Henry IV of England and Wales
1399 to 1461House of Lancaster of England and Wales
1405French mercenaries arrive at Milford Haven to assist Owain Glyndwr they go on to set fire to Haverfordwest
1413 to 1422King Henry V (The Warrior King) of England and Wales
1422 to 1461King Henry VI of England and Wales
1457Henry Tudor born in Pembroke Castle
1461 to 1483King Edward IV of England and Wales
1461 to 1485House of York
1471Henry Tudor sets sail from Tenby - fleeing from the Yorkists
1483 to 1483King Edward V of England and Wales
1483 to 1485King Richard III of England and Wales
1485 to 1509King Henry VII of England and Wales
1485 to 1603House of Tudor
1485Henry Tudor lands at Mill Bay (Dale) on the start of his campaign to retake the though. After defeating Richard III he became Henry VII
1500 to 1600Renaissance Art
1509 to 1547King Henry VIII of England and Wales
1547 to 1553King Edward VI of England and Wales
1553 to 1553Queen Jane of England and Wales
1553 to 1558Queen Mary I of England and Wales
1558 to 1603Queen Elizabeth I of England and Wales
1603 to 1625King James I of England (James VI of Scotland)
1603 to 1714House of Stuart
1625 to 1649King Charles I of England Wales and Scotland
1642During the Civil War- the royalist Earl of Carberry attack on Pembroke fails when he finds the Parliamentary fleet in Milford Haven
1644Battle of Colby Moor (between Wiston and Llawhaden)
1648Pembroke Castle besieged by Cromwell
1649 to 1659Commonwealth (No monarch)
1649Oliver Cromwell sets off for Ireland from Milford Haven
1653 to 1658Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector)
1658 to 1659Richard Cromwell (Lord Protector)
1659 to 1685King Charles II of England Wales and Scotland
1661Quakers being imprisoned for their beliefs forced to leave for America. They go on to found the American towns of Haverfordwest and Narberth
1685 to 1688James II of England and Wales (James VII of Scotland)
1688 to 1689King William III and Queen Mary II (Joint rule)
1689 to 1702King William III
1702 to 1714Queen Anne
1714 to 1727King George I
1714 to 1901House of Hanover
1727 to 1760King George II
1752All of Britain (except the Gwaun Valley near Fishguard) adopt the Gregorian Calendar
1760 to 1820King George III
1782Sir William Hamilton inherited Hubberston and Pill
1787Regular Mail Coach established linking Hubberston to London
1789Original Bethesda Baptist Church built.
1790Act of Parliament granted right to establish a port on land at Hubberston and Pill
1790Founding of Milford Haven by Sir William Hamilton - On 9th June- an Act of Parliament was passed which gave rise to the founding of the port.
1791The Pill to Haverforwest Road is administered as a Turnpike Trust with a Toll Gate at Castle Terrace
1792Greville persuaded Quaker Whalers from Nantucket to settle in Milford Haven. The Quakers had emigrated to America to escape religious persecution- hence they had experience of building new towns from scratch.
1796Navy Board starts building ships near Hubberston Pill. Ships built here include Milford- Lavinia and Nautilus
1797A Customs Bonded Store was built on Milford Docks. This was later extended on both sides and is now the Museum
1797Construction of a Whale Oil Warehouse in Milford Haven
1797The French invaded at Strumble Head. It took almost 2 days for Jemima Nicholas (armed only with a pitch-fork) and a small group of local women to defeat 1,400 French troops. After the battle of Carregwastag, the French signed the official surrender document in the Royal Oak, Fishguard.
1797The Navy Board establish Milford Dockyard to build warships
1800The New Inn was built in Hamilton Terrace- Milford Haven. (Now known as the Lord Nelson Hotel)
1801Building starts on St Katherines Church in Milford Haven
1802Nelson visits Milford Haven and declares it one of the finest harbours ever seen
1802The New Inn in Milford Haven was renamed the Lord Nelson Hotel after Nelsons visit
1804Founding of the Milford Artillery Company
1806The extensions which form the sides of Milford Museum were built
1808St Katherines Church- Milford Haven- completed
1809Work Abandoned on the Greville Observatory Milford Haven (Part of the College of King George III)
1810Many Quakers returned to America. Demand for Whale Oil was falling due to Gas Lamps replacing Whale Oil lamps in the cities.
1811Opening of the Friends Meeting House in Milford Haven
1814Pembroke Dock founded by Royal Navy who were concerned about overcharging at the port of Milford Haven
1816Original Bethesda Baptist Church extended
1820 to 1830King George IV
1821King George IV visits Milford Haven twice in 4 days!(each time taking refuge from a tempest)
1830 to 1837King William IV
1831Weslyan Chapel built in Milford Haven (Wesleyan Court now stands on the site)
1837 to 1901Queen Victoria
1839Start of the Rebecca Riots which centred on the area around Narberth
1840Building of Scolton Manor
1853Arrival of the South Wales Railway
1855Date on the Foundation Stone of Hubberston National Primary School
1856Founding of Neyland - Brunel put a railway station here to slight Milford Haven.
1857Police Station opened in Faulke Street- Milford Haven
1858Opening of the wooden Castle Pill Bridge- known as Black Bridge because it was coated in protective tar.
1859Building of Scoveston Fort
1859Neyland acquires it current name. (Previously it was called Milford Haven)
1859St. Brynach Church, Cwm-yr-Eglwys destroyed in the "Royal Charter" storm. This storm killed 800 people and was so fierce that the Meteorological Office introduced Gale Warnings in 1860.
1859The stepping stones crossing the pill between Milford Haven and Hakin are replaced by a wooden toll bridge
1860Start of building work at Hubberston Fort (some accounts put this in 1858)
1863Hubberston Fort completed for a cost of £87,000
1863The Railway arrives in Milford Haven
1874Formation of the Milford Haven Docks Company
1875The steam ship Great Eastern comes to Milford Haven for a refit after laying Transatlantic Cables
1876Creation of the Port Sanitary Authority (now known as the Milford Haven Port Authority)
1877Opening of the North Road Board School in Milford Haven
1879Opening of the Baptist Chapel in North road- Milford Haven
1887The book Little England Beyond Wales was published by Edward Laws
1887Wooden Toll Bridge from Hakin to Milford Haven was replaced by an Iron Toll Bridge
1888Flooding of Milford Docks (Project cost £1,500,000)
1889Transatlantic Passenger Ship City of Rome arrives in Milford with Barnam Circus
1890 to 1939Machine Age
1891Milford Haven recognised as a Parish. Previously it was a suburb of Steynton Parish
1894Formation of Milford Haven Urban District Council
1898Great Western Railway extended into Milford Haven Docks
1901 to 1910King Edward VII
1901House of Saxe-Coburg / Windsor
1902Opening of the Methodist Chapel in Priory Road- Milford Haven
1905Closure of Trefrane Colliery, Newgale
1907Extension to St Katherines Church in Milford Haven
1908Building of first Smoke House Milford Haven - to support the fishing industry
1908Building of Strumble Lighthouse
1908GWR moves the Irish Ferry service from Neyland to Fishguard
1909Opening of the Fire Station in Dartmouth Street- Milford Haven
1909Tolls finally abolished on the bridge between Milford Haven and Hakin
1910 to 1936King George V
1910Approximate date for the last quarrying at Abereiddi. This quarry then flooded to create the Blue Lagoon
1910Opening of the Tabernacle in Charles Street- Milford Haven
1914Arrival of the Belgium Fishermen Refugees in Milford Haven
1924Dedication of the War Memorial in Milford Haven
1926Milford Haven electrified (The first town in Wales to be electrified)
1928HMS Warrior laid up in the Haven (staying for 51 years)
1930Construction of the Milford Haven sewage system
1930Restoration of Thomas a Becket Chapel on the Rath begins
1931Closure on the Porthgain brick works
1931Construction of Milford Haven Central School
1931Hakin School becomes a junior school as older pupils go to Grammar or Central School
1932Opening of Preseli Waterworks
1933Iron bridge between Hakin and Milford Haven replaced by a concrete one. Convoy of 8 Steam Rollers cross in close formation to prove that a bridge made from concrete is safe
1933Royal visit to Milford Haven
1935Building work started on the Royal Naval Armament Depot. (Often called the Mine Depot)
1935Castell Farmhouse was abandoned. This has now been restored by the National Trust
1936 to 1936King Edward VIII
1936 to 1952King George VI
1936First Haven oil spill from the Banda Sharpur who was stranded on Dale Beach
1939Milford Haven Fire Station moved to the Town Hall
1939Opening of Milford Haven Mine Depot
1939Outdoor Swimming Pool on The Rath opened
1939Town Hall started service. (There has never been an opening ceremony)
1940German Navy start dropping Mines in the Haven
1944Seebees (American Naval Construction Unit) build temporary hospital near Hubberston Fort to accept the casualties expected during the D-day Landings
1945 to 1980Atomic Age
1950Memorial Garden given to Milford Haven Urban District Council by the Welcome Home and Memorial Fund Committee
1952Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Park created
1952Queen Elizabeth II
1957Construction works starts on the Esso Refinery in Milford Haven
1958Founding of the Milford Haven Conservancy Board
1959First Meeting of the Milford Haven Round Table
1960Esso Portsmouth explodes while alongside the Esso jetty in Milford Haven
1960Opening of Esso- the first Milford Haven Oil Refinery
1960Opening of the BP Jetty
1962First Annual Carnival organised by Milford Haven Round Table
1964Official opening of Texaco Refinery by the Queen
1964Opening of Milford Haven Grammar School in Steynton Road
1966Milford Haven Fire Station moved to Yorke Street
1966Opening of Texaco
1967Torrey Canyon Oil Spill (Tanker was on route to Milford Haven)
1968Building work started at Llys-y-fran Dam
1968Opening of Gulf Oil Refinery
1968Royal Family visit Milford Haven for Opening of Gulf Refinery
1970Collapse of the Cleddau Bridge during construction
1971Amoco Oil Refinery building started
1972Founding of the Pembrokeshire Coast national Park
1972Official Opening of Llys-y-fran Dam
1973Amoco Oil Refinery (now Elf/Total/Murco) came on-line
1973Opening of The Meads Sports Centre with its Indoor Swimming Pool
1974Formation of Preseli District Council
1975Haven ferries replaced by the Cleddau Bridge
1976Official Opening of the Cleddau Bridge
1977Opening of the Torch Theatre
1977Pembroke walled town and waterway declared an Outstanding Conservation Area
1977The Astoria Cinema in Milford Haven becomes a bingo hall
1978Cristos Bitos Oil Spill
1978Filming of The Onedin Line television series in the Haven
1979BI Ferry Connacht arrived in Pembroke Dock
1979HMS Warrior departs the Haven (after 51 years)
1980Computer Age
1981Approx. 90 Buildings in Pembroke are listed as Special Architectural/Historic Interest
1983Amoco Oil Refinery Fire (involved 150 firemen!)
1983Closure of the Esso Oil refinery
1985Brunel Quay Marina in Neyland Opens
1985Closure of BP Oil Facility
1986Conservancy board became the Port Authority
1987Outdoor Swimming Pool on The Rath closed
1988Milford Haven Grammar School went Comprehensive and became Milford School
1989A blue stone travelled to Stonehenge from the Preselis. (This journey did not use authentic transport techniques.)
1989Closure of the Royal Naval Armament Depot
1990Approximate opening of the Thornton Business Park
1990Milford Haven celebrated 200th anniversary with visit by Princess Alexandra
1990Opening of the Water Gardens on The Rath by Margaret Thatcher
1991Closure of the Milford Haven Royal Naval Armament Depot
1991Construction of the new Fish Market on Milford Docks
1991Opening of Milford Marina by the Duke of York
1991The Tall Ships Race started at Milford Haven
1992First Texaco Explosion - so serious they offered to buy houses in Rhoscrowther
1992Unveiling of the Fisherman Tribute statue on the Rath
1993Llys-y-fran dam raised by 1.5m to ease national water shortage
1994Gas Reserves discovered off-shore from Pembrokeshire
1994Second explosion and major fire at Texaco Refinery - blast felt 30 miles away
1996Sea Empress oil tanker - spills it cargo causing environmental disaster
1997Opening of the Seal Hospital
1998Fish market extended to 3 times its original size
1998Gulf stopped refining oil and became the Petroplus facility
1998Opening of the current bridge between Hakin and Milford Haven
1999Opening of the Electronic Fish Auction on Milford Docks.
1999Unveiling of the Statue of Brunel at Neyland by HRH Prince Charles
2000Blockade of Elf and Texaco Refineries as Truck Drivers protest over rising fuel prices
2000First DigitalDan web site- (dedicated to Milford Haven-) goes on-line
2000Ill-fated journey of the second Millennium Blue Stone
2000Opening of MITEC (Part of Pembrokeshire College based in Milford Docks)
2001Opening of the Phoenix Bowl
20023 Cruise Ships visit Milford Haven
2002First Milford Haven Round Table Firework Spectacular detonated from the Sea Front
2002Milford Haven Annual Carnival destination moved from Pill Field to Marble Hall
2003First of the big Street Fairs takes over Hamilton Terrace- Milford Haven
2003Milford Haven Annual Carnival Magazines replaced by Carnival Raffle Tickets
2003Milford Haven Town Council web site goes on-line
2003Permission granted for LPG gas facilities at Petroplus and Esso
2004LPG Regasification Plant construction work starts at South Hook and Waterston
2006Major expansion to DigitalDan.co.uk Website to incorporate extensive photo library of the larger Pembrokeshire towns.
2011DigitalDan places a decade of event photographs on-line
2013After the closure of Milford Haven Tourist information Centre, DigitalDan creates a temporary on-line alternative
2015Milford Haven docks stepped in to save our Fish Week event. It was going to be cancelled at the last minute.
2016Having overcome the problems of 2015, Fish Week was expanded from 1 to 2 days.
2016Milford Haven Round Table held the first "Real Ale" beer festival on the docks.
2020Covid Pandemic places the World in lockdown. Non-essential travel banned throughout UK and many other countries
2020Covid measures - Pembrokeshire closes car-parks and toilets in holiday areas, most of holiday season cancelled
2020Milford Haven 60th Carnival cancelled due to risk of Covid spread.
2020Ice Factory (Burnyates building) demolished to make way for new hotel
2021Milford Haven 60th Carnival cancelled a second time due to Covid.
2021Military lorry drivers called in when lorry driver shortage left garages without fuel. Both Milford fuel stations ran out of Diesel.
2021Withybush hospital was overloaded. (Almost) all visitors banned due to Covid risks.
2021Openning of Ty Waterfront Hotel. A significant milestone in the Marina redevelopment plan
2022Queen Elizabeth II passed on 7 September 2022 at Balmoral Castle
2023Milford Haven granted Freeport status in March 2023
2023King Charles III coronation at Westminster Abbey