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The DigitalDan websites are all created, edited and produced by one person as a free community service. Whilst I do not have facilities to accept phone calls, genuine readers are welcome to contact me using the address below.
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Note - in order to minimise SPAM, this address is changed annually
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why does your email address keep scrolling?
Some disreputable companies use computers to hunt for random email addresses on websites. They then send out millions of unsolicited nuiscence emails (called SPAM.) Most humans can read the scroller but many of the "harvesting" computers struggle with scrolling images.
How old is DigitalDan?
The first DigitalDan website provided a local news and information service dedicated to the town of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. This went online in the year 2000 and gradually evolved into the DigitalDan.co.uk site cluster. The domain name DigitalDan.co.uk was first used in 2001. At that time, most people did not have home internet access and home internet time was usually rationed by cost because you had to dial specialist internet phone numbers and hold the the line until you had finished browsing.
Site updates often required a one hour phone call and could only be attempted overnight or late evening. (Off peak phone calls were less expensive than day-time calls.) (Using todays technology, similar site updates can be completed in seconds.)
Why is the Crib Sheet site different to your other sites?
I have a Physics degree and scientists sometimes explore random thoughts. In my case, I wondered whether it was possible to create a complete and useful website without using any words or text. As proof of concept, I posted a few pages of scientific information using only graphics, symbols and maths. To my surprise, visitors started using these pages as a formula reference book. I then decided to update this content, adding normal English text and additional pages. The current Crib Sheet layout was intended to assist non-scientists searching for information.
The unusual origins of this site may explain some of the current quirky features.
Are you interested in our services,skills,SEO,software,...
The short answer is NO. This is a free community service and there is no money to pay for anything. I am an experienced programmer/analyst and regard all unsolicted software/services as potential malware.
Can I have a copy of one of the photographs
I have to restrict the size of photos on the sites because large pictures cause the pages to load very slowly. The original full-sized images are stored offline. However, I will sometimes respond favourably to "non-commercial" requests. Especially when local-individuals/charities/good-causes have a special reason for the picture. Photos taken before the year 2000 often use 35mm film and the quality of emailed digital copies vary. (Some negatives have deteriorated and others are difficult to scan.)
Will you translate pages into Polish, Welsh, Gaelic,...?
These sites operate as a free community service and do not generate any revenue. There is no money to pay for professional interpretter services.