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Sunrise and Sunset Times
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Note 1 - These tables may be unsuitable for religious purposes.
    - Some faiths use different mathematical formula and/or consider the location of holy places.
Note 2 - These sunrise/sunset tables are only approximations. They are usually within about 10 minutes.
    - I have looked at several formulae and tables, they were not consistent
Note 3 - Tidal predictions not shown for legal reasons.
    - Spring Tides usually correspond to full-moons and new-moons.
    - Neap Tides usually occur during 1st and 3rd quarter-moons
The Sunrise/Sunset calculations are based on Almanac for Computers 1990, published by Nautical Almanac Office, United States Naval Observatory
The Moon Phase calculations are based on the Steincarter JavaScript code and the book by Peter Duffett-Smith - Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator, 3rd Ed. Cambridge Univ. Press. You will find QBasic and JavaScript code at http://biology.clc.uc.edu/steincarter/moon/moon%20code.htm
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