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Weston Promenade near Knightstone
View of Weston from Uphill Church
Welcome to W-s-M.co.uk. This website is dedicated to the wonderful holiday resort of Weston-super-Mare. If you have not visited for a while, you may be surprised by the modern "costa-style" sea front promenade walkway, pedestrianised town centre, the Sovereign Centre shopping mall, the new Grand Pier (rebuilt 2010) and our famous Helicopter Museum.
Although Weston has been transformed into a 21st Centuary holiday destination, it has still retained it's spectacular beaches, traditional charm, extensive beach lawns, beautiful parks, Playhouse Theatre and the Marine Lake.
Weston-super-Mare is the destination for a bustling town centre, modern attractions, the vibrant sands at the Grand Pier, the calm of Uphill Beach, the wilder coast at Sand Bay, the open countryside of Middle Hope, modern town centre, out-of-town mega-stores, and loads of nearby day-out destinations. Weston can offer something for everyone.
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