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Public Holidays in England and Wales
Note - When New Years Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day fall on a weekend, the offical Public Holiday will be on the next working day. These dates are sometimes changed by Government. (e.g. in 2020 VE Day anniversary replaced May Day.)
Public Holidays in 2022
Mon 03 Jan 2022New Years Day
Fri 15 Apr 2022Good Friday
Mon 18 Apr 2022Easter Monday
Mon 02 May 2022May Day
Thu 02 Jun 2022Spring Bank Holiday
Fri 03 Jun 2022Jubilee Bank Holiday
Mon 29 Aug 2022Summer Bank Holiday
Mon 26 Dec 2022Boxing Day
Tue 27 Dec 2022Christmas Day
Public Holidays in 2023
Mon 02 Jan 2023New Years Day
Fri 07 Apr 2023Good Friday
Mon 10 Apr 2023Easter Monday
Mon 01 May 2023May Day
Mon 29 May 2023Spring Bank Holiday
Mon 28 Aug 2023Summer Bank Holiday
Mon 25 Dec 2023Christmas Day
Tue 26 Dec 2023Boxing Day
Public Holidays in 2024
Mon 01 Jan 2024New Years Day
Fri 29 Mar 2024Good Friday
Mon 01 Apr 2024Easter Monday
Mon 06 May 2024May Day
Mon 27 May 2024Spring Bank Holiday
Mon 26 Aug 2024Summer Bank Holiday
Wed 25 Dec 2024Christmas Day
Thu 26 Dec 2024Boxing Day
Public Holidays in 2025
Wed 01 Jan 2025New Years Day
Fri 18 Apr 2025Good Friday
Mon 21 Apr 2025Easter Monday
Mon 05 May 2025May Day
Mon 26 May 2025Spring Bank Holiday
Mon 25 Aug 2025Summer Bank Holiday
Thu 25 Dec 2025Christmas Day
Fri 26 Dec 2025Boxing Day
Public Holidays in 2026
Thu 01 Jan 2026New Years Day
Fri 03 Apr 2026Good Friday
Mon 06 Apr 2026Easter Monday
Mon 04 May 2026May Day
Mon 25 May 2026Spring Bank Holiday
Mon 31 Aug 2026Summer Bank Holiday
Fri 25 Dec 2026Christmas Day
Mon 28 Dec 2026Boxing Day
Public Holidays in 2027
Fri 01 Jan 2027New Years Day
Fri 26 Mar 2027Good Friday
Mon 29 Mar 2027Easter Monday
Mon 03 May 2027May Day
Mon 31 May 2027Spring Bank Holiday
Mon 30 Aug 2027Summer Bank Holiday
Mon 27 Dec 2027Christmas Day
Tue 28 Dec 2027Boxing Day