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Scheduled Monuments in North Somerset
Aveline's Hole, Burrington Combe51.3247N 2.75333Wmap
Banwell Camp Hill Fort, Banwell51.3269N 2.84888Wmap
Bell barrow 650 m south-west of Uphill Farm51.3161N 2.98277Wmap
Bowl barrow 170 m E of Poplar Farm, Winford51.3863N 2.68555Wmap
Bowl barrow 230 m NNE of Quarry Farm, Wrington51.3716N 2.71138Wmap
Bowl barrow 300 m NNE of Quarry Farm, Wrington51.3722N 2.71083Wmap
Bowl barrow 420 m ENE of Quarry Farm, Wrington51.3713N 2.70777Wmap
Bowl barrow 90 m south-west of Bicknell Farm, Nempnett Thrubwell51.3613N 2.69611Wmap
Bowl barrow on Shiplate Slait, Loxton51.3088N 2.91138Wmap
Cadbury Camp hill fort, Cadbury Hill, Tickenham51.4458N 2.78666Wmap
Chapel at Lower Court, Long Ashton51.4294N 2.65027Wmap
Churchyard cross at St John's Church, Weston-super-Mare51.3525N 2.98083Wmap
Churchyard cross in All Saints churchyard, Kingston Seymour51.3975N 2.8625Wmap
Churchyard cross in St Andrew's churchyard, Backwell51.4113N 2.73055Wmap
Churchyard cross in St Andrew's churchyard, Congresbury51.37N 2.81166Wmap
Churchyard cross in St Bridget's churchyard, Chelvey, Brockley51.4119N 2.76777Wmap
Churchyard cross in St John The Evangelist's churchyard, Kenn51.4166N 2.84111Wmap
Churchyard cross in St Mary and St Peter's churchyard, Winford51.3825N 2.65805Wmap
Churchyard cross in St Michael's churchyard, Dundry51.3988N 2.63722Wmap
Congresbury village cross, Congresbury51.3705N 2.80972Wmap
Cross in St Lawrence's churchyard, Wick Saint Lawrence51.3844N 2.91166Wmap
Deserted medieval farmstead 420 m south of Gout House Farm, Banwekk51.3455N 2.85972Wmap
Deserted medieval farmstead and part of a Romano-British field system 400 m north of Fenswood Farm, Long Ashton51.4313N 2.67333Wmap
Deserted medieval settlement 300 m ESE of Wraxall House, Wraxall51.4388N 2.73861Wmap
Dolebury Camp: a large univallate hillfort and associated and later earthworks on Dolebury Warren, Churchill51.3275N 2.78361Wmap
Duck decoy, 250 m south of Black Rock Villas, Weston-in-Gordano51.4647N 2.78333Wmap
Elms Colliery, Nailsea51.4316N 2.74638Wmap
Iron Age defended settlement 400 m south of Manor Farm, Wraxall51.4441N 2.69138Wmap
Large univallate hillfort on Cadbury Hill, Congresbury51.3802N 2.80333Wmap
Littleton gunpowder works at Powdermill Farm, Winford51.3769N 2.64833Wmap
Long barrow 350 m south-west of Cornerpool Farm, Wrington51.3763N 2.71888Wmap
Long barrow on Redhill, Wrington51.3691N 2.72027Wmap
Manorial settlement at Weston Manor, Weston-in-Gordano51.4625N 2.80083Wmap
Minor Romano-British villa 650 m north-east of Hewish Farm, Yatton51.3830N 2.85611Wmap
Moated site at Nye Farm, Winscombe51.35N 2.84333Wmap
Motte at Castle Batch, Worle51.3688N 2.91833Wmap
Motte-and-bailey castle 650 m NNW of Sandpoint Farm, Kewstoke51.3894N 2.96944Wmap
Motte-and-bailey castle and associated earthworks south of Locking Head Farm, Locking51.3433N 2.915Wmap
Nailsea Glassworks, Nailsea51.4341N 2.75416Wmap
Oval barrow on Felton Hill 100 m east of The Round House, Winford51.3811N 2.69638Wmap
Parts of a minor Romano-British villa and later medieval barn 545 m south east of St Mary's Well, Portishead and North Weston51.4755N 2.77027Wmap
Roman small town, part of an associated field system and earlier Iron Age settlement remains at Gatcombe, 250 m north of Cambridge Batch, Long Ashton51.4255N 2.68222Wmap
Romano-British villa, Banwell, Banwell51.3297N 2.865Wmap
Shrunken medieval village of Christon and associated field system 200 m north of Manor Farm, Loxton51.3138N 2.89527Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort 115 m east of Brockley Cottage, Brockley51.3997N 2.74888Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort 150 m east of Cleeve Court, Cleeve51.3877N 2.77361Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort and associated earthworks on Burrington Ham, Burrington51.3244N 2.73944Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort and associated settlement remains 300 m north-east of Cleeve Court, Cleeve51.3897N 2.77333Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort at Wain's Hill, Clevedon51.4316N 2.87805Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort on Conygar Hill, Portbury51.4725N 2.72277Wmap
Slight univallate hillfort, two avenues, saucer barrow, regular aggregate field system and associated earthworks on Walton Common, Walton Common51.4608N 2.82138Wmap
Stokeleigh Camp: a promontory fort in Leigh Woods, Leigh Woods51.4569N 2.6375Wmap
The Fairy Toot long barrow 350 m SSW of Howgrove Farm, Nempnett Thrubwell51.3530N 2.69Wmap
Two bowl barrows 400 m north-east of Quarry Farm: part of the Redhill round barrow cemetery, Wrington51.3719N 2.70888Wmap
Two bowl barrows on Shiplate Slait, Loxton51.3094N 2.91111Wmap
Two confluent bowl barrows on Felton Hill, Winford51.3802N 2.69166Wmap
Two Palmerstonian gun batteries on Steep Holm, Steep Holm51.34N 3.11416Wmap
Wick St. Lawrence village cross, Wick St Lawrence51.3838N 2.9125Wmap
Woodspring Priory and associated fishponds and field system, Kewstoke51.3908N 2.945Wmap
Worlebury Camp: a large multivallate hillfort on Worlebury Hill, Weston-super-Mare51.3575N 2.98527Wmap
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