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Grade 2* Listed Buildings in North Somerset
Alburys, Wrington51.36424N -2.76478Wmap
Banwell Abbey and Cloisters, Banwell51.32815N -2.86219Wmap
Banwell Castle Terraces And Courtyard Walls, Banwell51.32346N -2.85423Wmap
Barn South East of Chelvey Court, Brockley51.41140N -2.76907Wmap
Barn to South West of Powdermill Farmhouse, Winford51.37596N -2.64721Wmap
Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41286N -2.69975Wmap
Birdcombe Court And Birdcombe Court Farmhouse, Wraxall And Failand51.44363N -2.75058Wmap
Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare51.35716N -2.99658Wmap
Butcombe Farmhouse, Butcombe51.34425N -2.71404Wmap
Chapel Immediately South of Lower Court Farmhouse, Long Ashton51.42935N -2.65020Wmap
Chelvey Court And Bridge And 2 Outbuildings, Brockley51.41193N -2.76991Wmap
Chest Tomb 18 Metres East of All Saints Church, Kingston Seymour51.39759N -2.86221Wmap
Christ Church, Clevedon51.43903N -2.85184Wmap
Church of All Saints, Long Ashton51.43583N -2.64382Wmap
Church of All Saints, Weston-super-Mare51.35324N -2.97719Wmap
Church of Holy Trinity, Cleeve51.39105N -2.77736Wmap
Church of Saint Andrew, Blagdon51.32769N -2.71306Wmap
Church of Saint George, Easton In Gordano51.47858N -2.70083Wmap
Church of Saint John The Evangelist, Kenn51.41677N -2.84127Wmap
Church of Saint John, Clevedon51.43676N -2.85500Wmap
Church of Saint Martin, Weston-super-Mare51.36143N -2.93057Wmap
Church of Saint Mary And Saint Edward, Barrow Gurney51.41297N -2.69925Wmap
Church of Saint Mary And Saint Peter, Winford51.38233N -2.65796Wmap
Church of Saint Mary The Virgin, Hutton51.32276N -2.93066Wmap
Church of Saint Michael And All Angels, Butcombe51.35386N -2.69730Wmap
Church of Saint Michael And All Angels, Flax Bourton51.42124N -2.71102Wmap
Church of Saint Nicholas, Brockley51.39932N -2.76917Wmap
Churchyard Cross In The Churchyard And to The South of All Saints Church, Wraxall And Failand51.44419N -2.73486Wmap
Churchyard Cross South of Church of Saint Michael and All Angels, Butcombe51.35369N -2.69727Wmap
Coachhouse At Banwell Castle, Banwell51.32396N -2.86077Wmap
Court Farmhouse, Winford51.38181N -2.65824Wmap
Court House Farmhouse, Portishead And North Weston51.48018N -2.76942Wmap
Crenallated Wall And Circular Tower Running From North East Corner of Clevedon Court, Clevedon51.44055N -2.83194Wmap
East And West Corner Gazebos and North Boundary Wall of Formal Garden, Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41343N -2.69803Wmap
East And West Courts and South Boundary Wall of Formal Garden, Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41364N -2.70031Wmap
Farmhouse Range Adjoining Priory Church, West Kewstoke51.39076N -2.94504Wmap
Friends Meeting House, Yatton51.39298N -2.78816Wmap
Gatcombe Court, Long Ashton51.42574N -2.68388Wmap
Gatehouse Stables And Flanking Walls At Banwell Castle, Banwell51.32379N -2.86036Wmap
Gatepiers Gates And Series of 12 Pillars Forming West Boundary Wall of Garden, Barrow Court, Flax Bourton51.41397N -2.70040Wmap
Holy Trinity Church, Abbots Leigh51.46329N -2.65716Wmap
Holy Trinity Church, Weston-super-Mare51.35571N -2.98883Wmap
Home Farm Buildings, Wraxall And Failand51.44219N -2.71842Wmap
Hutton Court, Hutton51.32270N -2.92996Wmap
Lake Farmhouse, Kenn51.42007N -2.85611Wmap
Leigh Court Hospital, Abbots Leigh51.46963N -2.65907Wmap
Lily Pond And 2 Ornamental Pedestals With Urns in Rose Garden, Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41337N -2.69984Wmap
Medieval Cross 5 Yards From South Porch In Saint Peters Churchyard, Portishead And North Weston51.48043N -2.77000Wmap
Monument to Anna Whiting In The Churchyard And to South of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43575N -2.64359Wmap
Monument to Elizabeth Phelps In The Churchyard to South of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43568N -2.64359Wmap
Monument to George Whiting In The Churchyard to South of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43573N -2.64361Wmap
Monument to John and Alice Smith In The Churchyard to West of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43586N -2.64408Wmap
Monument to Robert Whiting 1662 In The Churchyard to South of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43577N -2.64361Wmap
Monument to Robert Whiting 1679 In The Churchyard to South of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43576N -2.64361Wmap
Monument to Robert Whiting 1693 In The Churchyard to South of All Saints Church, Long Ashton51.43574N -2.64358Wmap
Newtons, Kewstoke51.36787N -2.93287Wmap
No 2 Former Hannah More Infants School, Nailsea51.42559N -2.76978Wmap
Old Church of Saint Nicholas, Weston-super-Mare51.32034N -2.98269Wmap
Orangery At Tyntesfield Park, Wraxall And Failand51.43724N -2.71118Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Andrew, Loxton51.29811N -2.89603Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Augustine, Locking51.33225N -2.91492Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Lawrence, Wick Saint Lawrence51.38446N -2.91191Wmap
Powdermill Farmhouse, Winford51.37598N -2.64680Wmap
Sores Court, Backwell51.40651N -2.74030Wmap
St Brandons School For Girls, Clevedon51.43591N -2.86380Wmap
Steps Walls Ornamental Vases And Sundial at Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41350N -2.69973Wmap
Temple Exedra and East Boundary Wall of Formal Garden, Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41304N -2.69813Wmap
Terrace And Dairy At Banwell Castle, Banwell51.32377N -2.85977Wmap
The Bell House, Weston-super-Mare51.36223N -2.92730Wmap
The Court, Tickenham51.43982N -2.78185Wmap
The Grange, Portishead and North Weston51.47658N -2.76929Wmap
The Parsonage, Winford51.37574N -2.67697Wmap
Tithe Barn At Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney51.41300N -2.70023Wmap
Uphill Manor, Weston-super-Mare51.32609N -2.97859Wmap
Urchinwood Manor, Congresbury51.36837N -2.79525Wmap
Village Cross 5 Yards East of Banksea Cottages, Wick Saint Lawrence51.38399N -2.91235Wmap
Village Cross, Congresbury51.37062N -2.80969Wmap
Waterworks At Blagdon Pumping Station with Tanks, Butcombe51.33675N -2.71481Wmap
West Garden Walls With Towers At Banwell Castle, Banwell51.32386N -2.86096Wmap
Woodspring District Council Offices Housing Services Department, Clevedon51.43927N -2.85043Wmap
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