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Grade 1 Listed Buildings in North Somerset
Barn North West of Priory Church QV with Well, Kewstoke51.39105N -2.94569Wmap
Church of All Saints, Kingston Seymour51.39750N -2.86259Wmap
Church of All Saints, Wraxall And Failand51.44441N -2.73489Wmap
Church of All Saints, Wrington51.36103N -2.76566Wmap
Church of Holy Trinity, Burrington51.33069N -2.74968Wmap
Church of Holy Trinity, Nailsea51.42584N -2.76927Wmap
Church of Saint Andrew, Backwell51.41171N -2.73020Wmap
Church of Saint Andrew, Congresbury51.37010N -2.81206Wmap
Church of Saint Bridget, Brockley51.41180N -2.76893Wmap
Church of Saint James, Winscombe And Sandford51.30594N -2.84557Wmap
Church of Saint John The Baptist, Churchill51.33844N -2.80917Wmap
Church of Saint Mary, Portbury51.47566N -2.71706Wmap
Church of Saint Mary, Yatton51.38493N -2.81859Wmap
Church of Saint Michael, Clapton In Gordano51.45829N -2.76738Wmap
Church of Saint Michael, Dundry51.39903N -2.63741Wmap
Church of Saint Peter And Saint Paul, Bleadon51.30747N -2.94617Wmap
Church of Saint Peter And Saint Paul, Weston-In-Gordano51.46411N -2.80203Wmap
Church of Saint Quiricus And Saint Julietta, Tickenham51.43940N -2.78152Wmap
Clevedon Court, Clevedon51.44020N -2.83212Wmap
East Cloister Wall, Kewstoke51.39061N -2.94488Wmap
Gatehouse Gates Mounting Block And Wall, Kewstoke51.39065N -2.94517Wmap
Infirmary, Kewstoke51.39052N -2.94430Wmap
Nailsea Court, Nailsea51.41022N -2.78195Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Andrew, Banwell51.32812N -2.86324Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Andrew, Clevedon51.43319N -2.87351Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Mary, Loxton51.31130N -2.89151Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Paul, Kewstoke51.36558N -2.95666Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Peter, Portishead and North Weston51.48047N -2.77008Wmap
Parish Church of Saint Saviour, Puxton51.36526N -2.85364Wmap
Priory Church, Kewstoke51.39077N -2.94474Wmap
The Old Rectory And Rectory Cottage, Yatton51.38470N -2.81776Wmap
The Pier Including The Tollhouse, Clevedon51.44326N -2.86341Wmap
The Refectory and Vicarage, Congresbury51.37042N -2.81159Wmap
Tyntesfield House Servants Wing And Chapel, Wraxall and Failand51.44038N -2.71145Wmap
West Wall of Chapter House Range, Kewstoke51.39060N -2.94457Wmap
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