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Contacting This Website
The best method to contact any of the DigitalDan websites (including North-Somerset.co.uk, W-s-M.info, MilfordHaven.info, DigitalDan.co.uk, DigitalDan.uk and DigitalDan.org.uk) is to email my email address as a scroller to minimise Spam problems Genuine emails (not SPAM) will normally be read by me within a few days and I am responsible for all the DigitalDan sites.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I phone, write or talk to the website
All these websites are run by one person (DigitalDan) as a hobby, they not a business and the sites are provided as a free community service. In the absence of any site income, the costs associated with call handling facilities cannot be justified. However, I welcome site feedback and I regularly check all genuine emails.
Can I list my Business or Service on your site
If you click on the "Update this Site" button, you will see instructions for suggesting details to be included on the sites.
Can you reproduce my Publicity leaflet/poster on your site?
This is not a normal service, due to various technical problems including copyright.
Can I make copies of material on your sites.
For legal reasons, the photographs, images and page text have to be declared copyright (©2000-2017 Digitaldan.co.uk) (Under UK law, photographers get automatic copyright over the images they record!)
The sites use Open Source databases (usually under Open Gov, Creative Commons, OSM or a similar licence.) These open-data sources are acknowledged on the pages using this data. Open data is data that has been made available for anyone to use. Please check with the original data source because there could be specific requirements when republishing information (e.g. source must be acknowledged and data not to be presented in a misleading manner.)
What is your Cookie Policy
Cookies are small pieces of information relating to the person reading a website, they are normally stored on the viewers computer. Under "The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations," most UK websites using Cookies should make it clear why they are collecting information.
The DigitalDan Cookie Policy is - DigitalDan Websites do not use Cookies.
Why does the DigitalDan email address keep scrolling?
All web developers experience problems with junk emails, (known as SPAM.) If you display "computer readable" email addresses on a popular website the amount of unsolicited junk mail gradually becomes excessive. The scrolling email address is intended to make it harder for the SPAM-bots (email address harvesting programs,) whilst remaining readable by real people.
Would you be interested in purchasing our specialist Website services?
The short answer is "No." All photography, site design, back-office programming, web software engineering, etc, is undertaken by myself. I am a skilled programmer/analyst and provide my own tech support. Although I am intersted in acquiring relevant "copyright free" local information, there is no budget to pay for it.

What are the DigitalDan websites?
www.DigitalDan.co.ukMain entry point for all DigitalDan sites. All sites can be contacted via the ...@DigitalDan.co.uk email address.
www.DigitalDan.org.ukA website Puzzle Book. Includes on-line and traditional puzzles
www.DigitalDan.ukScientific Crib Sheets and data reference book. Covering many topics ranging from Maths and Physics to Morse Code and First Aid
www.Hakin.ukIndependent Tourist Information Service for Hakin and Milford Haven (Pembrokeshire)
www.North-Somerset.co.ukAn online directory service for North Somerset
www.W-s-M.infoIndependent Tourist Information Service for Weston-super-Mare